EVO Entertainment Group

Main Character Energy

Ever-evolving and refining, EVO Entertainment Group continues to elevate what it means to ‘spend quality time amongst friends, family, and great films.’ Year after year, EVO has expanded from cinemas to metropolises of play equipped with bowling lanes, arcade games, and live entertainment. EVO has evolved traditional pastimes into elevated, extraordinary, and engaging experiences.

Relationship: July 2022 - December 2022
Services: Creative, Production, Media, PR

Our Process

We needed to help maximize EVO’s uniqueness in an overcrowded, densely saturated market.

A cinema is a cinema, so long as it’s got concessions, a silver screen, and loud carpeting. However, EVO is something more. It’s an experience, escape, and above all, a place where, whatever your story, you become the main character.

Main Character Energy is how we make the ordinary aspects of life feel extraordinary—the very phenomenon at EVO’s core.

Become the Main Character:
An Activation

Activated on red carpets and in entertainment events globally, Advanced Photo Booths are taking the world by storm. But no one has truly harnessed the main character moments they provide, or even remotely capitalized on the subsequent social extension and popularity they produce.

EVO is the first Family Entertainment Center to bring the cinematic robot approach to the masses: effectively EVOlving and elevating the mature photo booth market.